Bible Media Group Partners with OneHope to Create Youth Gospel Films

In a groundbreaking collaboration, OneHope and Bible Media Group have partnered to create Youth Gospel Films, derivatives based on The Four Gospels from Lumo Project Films. The partnership brings together two leading organizations in the Christian media industry with the shared goal of reaching children and youth around the world with the message of the Gospel.

The Four Gospels is a series of high-quality, live-action films that bring the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to life in a unique and powerful way. With word-for-word scriptural narration, the films are designed to help viewers connect with the biblical narrative in an authentic and engaging context. The films have been highly praised for their accuracy, attention to detail, and artistic quality, and have already reached millions of people around the world.

“We are honored to partner with OneHope in this exciting new venture because of their ability to reach children and youth,” said Tessie DeVore, president of Bible Media Group. “Our prayer is that OneHope’s Youth Gospel Films will radically change the lives of young people around the globe.”

Through this long-standing partnership, OneHope will utilize Lumo Project Films content to create films with messages directed at the younger generations. The films will be available in a range of formats and will be distributed through a variety of channels, including online platforms, broadcast television, and mobile devices.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bible Media Group to bring the message of the Gospel to even more children around the world,” said Rob Hoskins, president of OneHope. “Thanks to Lumo Project Films, we are creating a series of youth films that are a powerful tool for sharing the story of Jesus. We are thrilled!”

As of right now, OneHope’s Youth Gospel films include The Portrait. In addition, OneHope is assisting Bible Media Group in the creation of other derivative films such as Light of the World (Christmas), Easter: A True Story, and The Life of Jesus.