Partnering with Kingdom collaborators to catalyze Bible engagement through media.


To enhance the opportunity to experience intimacy with God.

At Bible Media Group (BMG) we see a problem: there are 1 billion people around the world without access to any portion of Scripture. There are organizations working tirelessly to eliminate Bible poverty and the goal is that by 2033, 100 percent of the world will have some portion of Scripture.

Someone holding a cellphone with the back of the phone removed.

At BMG we believe that all mediums – both present and future — assets will play a pivotal role in accomplishing this goal. We believe that media Bible engagement can indeed eradicate Bible poverty. Through our efforts, people will engage with the Bible and absorb its transforming message in innovative ways.


We partner with Every Tribe Every Nation to use technology to get God’s word to every person on earth.

We partner with like-minded ministries and translators whose goal is to eradicate Bible poverty.

We make connections between partners in order to accomplish results

We partner with Bible Societies and organizations around the globe.

We are a depository of media resources from other organizations.

We provide information on the latest technology available.

We have available media assets that we share with others.

We work closely with the Digital Bible Library.

We measure and research in order to fulfill our mission.




Bible Media Group (BMG) partners with hundreds of Kingdom collaborators around the globe to catalyze Bible engagement through media. Our vision is to enhance the opportunity to experience intimacy with God and their work is multifaceted, ranging from translation to the production and distribution of multiple biblical resources. For more information, contact us.

  • Lumo Project Films:
    • Gospel Films (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
    • The Covenant (Old Testament Pentateuch) 

BMG is a ministry currently focused on working with strategic partnerships. This includes work with global ministries and para-churches who, in turn, serve the local community.

For individuals, churches, church leaders, pastors, etc., we invite you to access the following resources on the following platforms.

  • DVDs are available for sale on Amazon
  • Full films are available on iTunes, depending on where you are
  • The Lumo Gospel film clips are on our YouTube channel in several languages (We invite you to please visit and subscribe)
  • The Lumo Gospel clips on YouVersion in multiple languages
  • All languages for the Lumo Gospel films are available through the Faith Comes By Hearing Bible.is platform

If you are indeed a parachurch or global ministry seeking a broad (not local) partnership with BMG, please fill out our partnership form with as much information as possible.

Please submit the partnership form with as much information as possible about your ministry and your plans for our resource.

Our resources are provided completely free and are only intended for non-commercial and educational use to those parachurches and global ministries that meet the partnership criteria & sign an agreement.

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