Prison Fellowship and LUMO Collaboration Testimony

Floodlight™, a program of Prison Fellowship®, offers free downloadable content to air directly on prison TV systems and tablets. We created Floodlight as a response to prison closures during the pandemic, but it quickly became evident that the niche that Floodlight fills is one that can and should continue after the health crisis is over, encouraging growth of in-person programming and opening doors at many more facilities. Floodlight has been effective because of great partnerships with ministry partners like The Bible Media Group’s LUMO Project, and because of its flexibility in delivery. Digital content is accessed through a password protected site. It can be shared on closed circuit television, in smaller venues like chapels or cell blocks, and even individually on tablets.

Floodlight content is now available in 48 states and offered in federal, state and county facilities. It reaches nearly 400 facilities and has a potential audience of over 570,000 incarcerated men and women.

The LUMO films are a valued part of the Floodlight program. Together we are reaching into facilities and into parts of prisons that have been hard to reach before, including county jails, prison reception areas, Immigration Detention Facilities and Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg) units. What an enormous blessing to share this transforming content with the men and women in these facilities.

As we look ahead, we are setting our sights on the two largest populations growing in prisons: women and the Spanish-speaking community. LUMO’s Spanish language content particularly has been a vital and needed resource, and we anticipate that need to continue going forward.

Making resources accessible helps prisoners stay hopeful and productive. They make time serve them to lead transformed lives of purpose. We have been able to flood the prisons with uplifting and restorative resources to bring a shining light into the darkest of places thanks to amazing providers like LUMO.