Residential homes in Jerusalem, Israel


Headshot of Laura Hale

Laura Hale
Licensing & Partnership Coordinator

Laura secures Bible text permissions and partner agreements and ensures compliance with product guidelines.

Mary Ferrer
Bible Media Group Coordinator

Mary offers administrative support to the entire team as well as project coordination and planning. She ensures seamless operations and project execution.

Headshot of Riana Samaroo

Riana Samaroo
Communications & Project Specialist

Riana is responsible for the project management and execution of the organization’s communications framework.

Headshot of Erika Andujar

Erika Andujar

Erika oversees the strategy and development of faith-based media for global audiences.

Headshot of Tessie DeVore

Tessie Güell Devore

Tessie leads the overall direction of the organization and ensures the proper implementation of its vision and mission.

Headshot of Tharadjyne Orisma

Tharadjyne Orisma 

TJ facilitates the daily operations and the distribution of the resource library to global partners.  

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