OneWay Africa: Reaching the Unreached

We are just beginning to use the LUMO Gospel Films and have already seen its impact and potential in our outreaches and disciple-making movements. In addition to showing the LUMO films in our outreaches, we also provide uSD cards for mobile phones that include the New Testament, locally recorded testimonies and music, videos and Scripture engagement apps in the languages where we are working. We have distributed over 1,500 uSD cards for the Fulani people, including the LUMO gospel films in French and Fulfulde-Maasina.

Video has impact! Hearing the beautiful words of the Gospel with video has helped disciple-making teams be more effective. Collating the reports on the LUMO films from the field missionaries has brought to light its impact on the people we’ve been reaching. The LUMO films are indeed a great tool to share the gospels with people in this part of the world. The pictorial presentation along with the narration of the word of God engages the emotions as well as helps one to memorize the Bible more easily. 

Mission Field Observations and Impact:

  1. The moving visuals of the gospels (movie) always get our viewers captivated.
  2. The visuals go a long way to enhance their understanding and imagination, which aids in their retention of most parts of the movie.
  3. The movies allowed us to disciple many people. Adding the LUMO gospel films to the Jesus films offered more time to engage people with the word of God.
  4. Questions raised at the end of the movies allowed us to elaborate the gospel message more to our viewers.
  5. Since this was engaging, some requested to have it on their mobile devices so that they could make time to challenge themselves of memorizing portions of the Scriptures.


We look forward to expanding the use of LUMO films to other people groups as those languages become available. Our outreaches are mostly done in rural and oral communities where hearing God’s word in their native tongue with memorable visuals will continue to have great impact on the Kingdom of God. We are thankful to LUMO for recently providing links to five additional languages that will be distributed in the year ahead (Anufo, Wali, Mampruli, Dagbani, Chadian Arabic). We would love to have the gospel films available inallthe languages where we are working, as God provides.

Our OneWay Africa missionaries: Clement, Dela, Joshua, Reagan and Afrifa. These five young men travel across the remote unreached villages of northern Ghana to share the gospel through Jesus Film outreaches, and more recently, with the LUMO Gospel films. They also are disciple-makers, training and building five person teams to share about Jesus through Bible stories. Each team then works to replicate and share what they have learned with five others. This disciple-making movement is multiplying with over150 groups already formed. We thank LUMO for the free use of these beautiful and truth-filled films. Only the Lord knows the full impact!